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Get to know us

Thermo Team Kft. was founded in 1990 with the aim of working in the field of complex metallurgical and locksmith activities.

In the beginning we produced fireplaces in non-material wagework, then we started to introduce our own fireplaces to the domestic market.

We have expanded our activities over time.

We represent a wide range of business units in metalworking, from CNC processing to the production of railway vehicle parts!

We can say today that we have the intellectual capacity and the fleet of machines that we can carry out ourselves each stage of our locksmith activity.

It is important for us to map our customers’ future and latent needs in order to develop for the future in the directions identified by these needs!

We believe that our professional past, quality, reliability and sound business policy are the foundation of our future metalworking business.

Elek Rudolf Kürti
Qualified Mechanical Engineer
Executive Director

Our activities

Manufacture and assembly of railway vehicle parts

Our company is the first round supplier to Stadler Szolnok Vasúti Járműgyártó Kft., since 2012, we have been successfully cooperating and trying to meet the challenges and continually improve toward them.Read more »

Manufacture and machining of machine parts

One of the most important activities in its volume and variety of products is the manufacture and processing of machine parts.Read more »

Production of transport cage

Over the past few years, our company has gained a great deal of experience in the production of custom-made transport cages for various metal industry and machine manufacturing companies.Read more »

Production of earthmoving machinery

In side sector, we manufactured different types of earthmoving machinery, graders, rammers, etcRead more »

Warehousing and logistics

Our company has been dealing with this business since 2015, we are also renting out a closed or open area on demand to several local multinational companies!Read more »

Manufacture and assembly of welded structures

We have extensive experience in general construction of industrial facilities and in the production of frame structures for hallsRead more »

CNC water jet cutting

Water jet cutting is a multifaceted cutting technology where cutting is carried out with water flowing with high speed (500-1500 m / s) or with abrasive sand mixed with waterRead more »

Welding procedures

We work with well-trained, qualified welders and reliable machines! With the welding equipment made by us, we undertake small and medium series, but also custom and large series on demand!Read more »

Production of fireplaces

Our company produces a range of built-in fireplaces with nearly 20 years of professional experience.Read more »